Do It Yourself (DIY) Race in a Box Timing Kit

Rent a DIY Race in a Box Timing Kit from 3 Way Racing. Our simple timing solution for race directors is full of personality! We take great care to ensure that you get everything you need to time a small 5K or 10K for your club, school, or charity.

This is how I arrive, right on your doorstep.

Can I come in? I'm your DIY Race in a Box Timing Kit from 3 Way Racing. Please bring me inside so we can get to know each other better.

Open me up, make note of everything inside.

Hi! Nice to meet you. It has been a long journey, can I get out of this stuffy box now?

Everyone out of the box!

It sure feels good to stretch my legs.

Charge me up.

I feel a little drained. If you would be so kind as to plug me in, I would be ever so greatful. A good charge will go a long way. (I can never be overcharged.)

I brought along my instructions.

A thoughtful review of my instructions will help us work well together on race day. I don't like surprises.

Did everyone have a good time?

Put me back in the box, including the leftover race bibs and safety pins (safety first!).

Had a great visit, hope to see you again next year.

Please place the provided return shipping label on me and drop me off at the UPS Store to get me back home. Sorry I have to leave so soon, but I have new friends to meet next week.

If you race grows, let my parents know and they can arrange for my big brother "Chip" timing to come next year.